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The best CC Cushion for me is Nlighten CC Cushion

There are a lot of CC Cushion available on stores nowadays but I’ve gotta say that Nlighten CC cushion is my favorite and my best pick.

There are a lot of Nlighten products reseller’s online but I got mine from shoppingvirtuoso on shopee for Php1,640, free shipping within Philippines. This cushion can last for 2-3 months if you’re using it on a daily basis but I had mine for over 3 months na yata if I’m not mistaken?

What’s good about this product is you only have to use it once a day because it can last on your face the whole day. No need for retouch retouch! It’s packaging also looks classy, hindi mukang cheap press powder. You wouldn’t feel weird putting it out in public unlike the other CC Cushions out there.

Nlighten CC Cushion with a mirror inside and a place to put your CC puff on so it won’t get doused atop the cushion itself making it easy for you to put it on without having a need to find a big mirror.

Talking about the beige fluid inside the cushion, I can say that it’s fascinating because it doesn’t just cover your blemishes and make your skin glow, it also protects your skin from sun’s radiation with its SPF 50+ making it not just your daily lightweight concealer but also your sunblock.

Is it Lightweight?

Yes, you heard that right. Nlighten CC Cushion feels lightweight on your face. It also doesn’t dry up your skin + it won’t make you feel so heavy and oily like the usual cosmetic foundations, concealers, press powders, BB Creams and CC Creams sold in the market and this is not an exaggeration.

What if I get sweaty? Does it cake? Is it waterproof?

Yes, Nlighten CC Cushion is waterproof. It works fine even if you get sweaty and it doesn’t cake when you get splashed by water. As a matter of fact, I think this product look even more better when you start to sweat out a but because it blends further with your skin color and adapts the real shade of your skin. Aside from that, it also works on the oil balance of your skin making it somehow appear like a porcelain, it gives you that korean skin look.

How do I use it?

I personally wash my face first with some gentle facial wash (Celeteque Hydration FW), apply my toner (Celeteque Hydration Toner) and let it dry up on my face for about 3 minutes then I put my moisturizer (Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel) on before applying a thin layer of Nlighten CC Cushion on.

After a while you’ll notice that glow effect on your face and though it doesn’t totally cover your blemishes, it lightens it up and makes your skin look smoother and finer.

Left selfie is me without the CC cushion, right picture is me with the CC cushion on.

Nlighten CC cushion brightens up your face but I have this little problem on my skin color that I really look pale and brightening up my face makes me even more paler so if you have pale colored skin, I suggest you use some blush on or cheek tint on your cheeks to add some color to your brightened face.

Another cons here is that it can cause a slight whiteheads on your nose and on your cheeks (below the eyebags) so you might need to use moisturizer or primer before using this one.

Summing all the features of Nlighten CC Cushion, we have:

• Lightweight on Face

• Has SPF 50+ Sun Protection

• Waterproof

• Sweatproof

• Doesn’t Cake

• Handy

• Covers blemishes

• Makes your skin glow

• Doesn’t dry up your skin

In Summary:

Packaging: 5/5

Price: 2/5

Quality: 4.5/5

Will recommend? Yes.

Will buy again? Yes.

Four ways to use the Aloe Vera Gel of Nature’s Republic

Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera gel has been one of the well known — or famous — skin care product today so I tried it out to know what is so special about this product.

I got mine from a reseller at Angel’s Fashion Studio for P245. I didn’t get it from Nature’s Republic boutique because it always gets sold out on their stores. Anyways, Angel’s Fashion Studio sells legit items, it’s located in Mendiola near LRT Legarda station behind JRS Express, check their store out for beauty items and fashionable clothes.

So going back to the NR’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, I tried this product to further moisturize my skin because skin dryness has been one of my major problems aside from removing blemishes and acne marks.

There are a lot of fake copies of NR’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel so make sure you get yours from an authorized reseller, legit store or the store of Nature’s Republic itself.

The product is purely gel. It’s texture is like the common gel hand santizer, gel kind fluid that eventually melts into a water kind fluid in time. It doesn’t feel heavy when you apply it on your face unlike the common moisturizers and it only takes a few minutes before my skin absorbs this product.

I only use two to three dots of this gel to cover my whole face. Napakatipid gamitin and to think that it’s packaging comes big, I think one cylinder can last for 6-9 months or maybe even a year since di naman ako makapal maglagay and it’s kinda heavy sa face if you’ll put a lot.

Moreover, I’ll share to you the four ways I use this product.

1. Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as Moisturizer. I use this product after applying my toner every night as a moisturizer. Applying two to three dots, spreading it across my face and waiting for my skin to absorb its nutrients and minerals, charot!

2. Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as Primer. One thing this product does to my skin is to tighten my pores for hours after application. It also keeps the oil of my face balanced making it makeup-ready for the day. After using Celeteque Facial Wash and Celeteque Hydration Toner, I apply this NR’s Aloe Vera soothing gel and then I wait for it to dry on my face for about 5-8 mins before I start applying my Nlighten CC cushion and Sophie Paris Cheek Tint. After then, my light make up would last the whole day.

3. Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as Eye Gel. The product is 92% Aloe Vera gel so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to store it inside our refrigerator and then use it around my eyes when its cold to relax my eyes and moisturize my eye circles.

4. Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as Soothing Gel. Its product name says it. You can use this product on your angry acne spots to lessen its swelling and redness overnight.

This product is very organic and I guess hiyang naman ako dito because it really moisturizes my skin and tightens my pores.

Packaging: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Will buy again? Yes.

Will recommend? Yes.

REVIEW: Celeteque Hydration moisturized my dry skin

Dry skin has been one of my biggest problems aside from acne so every time I go to the mall, I really scrutinize the products on the face care section to find the best remedy for my dry skin.

They say toner is really the key so I tried tons of toners for my face but nothing really worked. I tried Eskinol Lemon that says it controls oil of the skin, prevents acne without drying out, I tried the derma toners like Porcelana toner that gives you a korean porcelain skin daw. I tried Glycolic toners from Shadylab but jeez, they all dry out my skin like hell.

But everything changed when I came across Celeteque’s Hydration toner and Celeteque Facial Wash. I tried these products by buying their travel kit from Watson’s for only P149, it includes mini Hydration toner bottle, mini Hydration facial wash tube and mini facial moisturizer.

It’s looks so cute with the mini tubes and bottles and it’s price isn’t that scary for a student like me. I tried their small travel kit because ayoko naman na maginvest sa new face products and feel bad kapag nalaman kong hindi pala ako hiyang noh.

I tried the toner and the facial wash for a month. I didn’t use the moisturizer yet because I wanted to focus on the effect of the facial wash and toner first and man, this toner is a magic!

My skin turned soft, yung dryness level ng skin ko swiftly shifted into a soft baby skin kind (hindi ito joke). It actually works like magic because it balances the oil of my skin, it doesn’t make my skin overly oily or overly dry — it’s perfectly moist and soft.

How to use? Just wash your face with the facial wash and then dry it up with a clean towel before applying the toner using a cotton. Do this twice a day, morning after you wake up and evening before you go to bed.

My skin is not the artista skin that’s pore-less and super mega smooth so if my selfie doesn’t impress you then sorry lol!

I don’t have any make up in that pic and I already washed my face but my Sophie Paris’ Magic Pink (READ: I just tried Sophie Pink Cream Cheek Tint) is just giving me those pinkish cheek.

But for normal girls like me, I really recommend Celeteque’s Facial Wash 100mL (P135) and Hydration Toner Alcohol Free 125mL (P129.75) . About the Celeteque Facial Moisturizer, I think it’s just optional because the wash and the toner already controls your skin’s oil level, no need for the moisturizer in my opinion.

It’s all effective in making your skin soft and moisturized yet its price won’t hurt you especially if you’re just a student like me na walang budget for friggin’ Cetaphil packs, Laneige or whatsoever.

I’m just not sure if this Celeteque Hydration series helps in preventing acne breakouts, it’s for me to find out, I guess. But all in all, this has been the best face care product I’ve tried in terms of quality and price.

UPDATE 01/14/2019: If you’re suffering acne breakouts, I won’t recommend this Celeteque set because it’s too mild to fight acnes.

Packaging: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Will buy again? Yes.

Will recommend? Yes.

I just tried Sophie Pink Cream Cheek Tint!!

I recently just tried Sophie Paris’ Magic Pink Cream as my new cheek tint to put some color to my pale face that literally looks like I rose from the dead if I don’t put any cheek and lip tint on.

I got my Sophie Magic Pink Cream from my friend for only P125. I think it’s also available online and on kikay stores.

For only P125, you’ll get this 10mL Sophie Magic Pink Cream. It’s tube is about 3.5″ in length, I believe this tube can last for 2 months — using it once a day, everyday.

How to use it? You simply press a small amount on your finger and spread it evenly on your cheek. The cream provides a subtle pink shade on your cheeks because I think it aims for a natural looking blush so if you want to have this really rosy cheeks, you might need to put two layers of this cream or put an ample amount and let it stay for a few seconds before spreading it out to balance the pink tint across your cheeks.

For me, one layer works.

Despite Sophie’s gorgeous pink tint, I still prefer my Careline Lip/Cheek Tint. I previously tried the following tints:

  1. Careline Lip/Cheek Tint: Just gives the right pinkness on the cheeks but it doesn’t last that long.

2. Nichido Cheek Tint in Tickled Pink: Concentrated content; lasts longer than Careline. Gives an instant rosy shade on cheeks but the problem here is when you always use this product, the fluid inside the container dries out making the tint even more concentrated and it kinda smells bad in time.

3. Tony Moly Tony Tint Cherry Pink: It’s not very ideal for the cheeks because it stains the skin so easily and it’s not that easy to blend it with the skin because it’s a water based tint.

Sophie is really a good choice for those who wants to have a natural looking rosy cheeks but then I don’t suggest using it if you use compact powders, cushions, bb creams, foundations etc because blending it with other products can cause small comedones. I think this is a good choice for those who actually have clear skin (who doesn’t use other face products) and wants to have some rosy cheeks.

I think the cons here is that you have to train yourself in blending and timing because when I started using this product, I really struggled to make both of my cheeks have the same shade of pinkness. My right cheek usually go pinker than the left but you’ll probably get how it’s done in time. It’s quite hard to blend it well.

Packaging: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Quality: 3.5/5

Will buy again? No.

Will recommend? Yes.