REVIEW: Relumins Gluta-1000 Glutathione capsules

I waited for over three months before I started writing a review about this glutathione product I bought online for P900 pero bottle of 60 vegetarian capsules.

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The bottle instructs the user to take two capsules every day, one in the morning and one in the evening preferably.

Relumins Gluta-1000 has three major contents:

1. L Glutathione (675mg) – Glutathione prevents damage of healthy cellular components and makes us radical free. It is also a good antioxidant for the body.

2. Alpha Lipoic Acid (200mg) – another antioxidant that boosts glutathione levels of our body.

3. Rose Hips(125mg) – a highly absorbable form of vitamin C that is a perfect combo to glutathione.

Good Effects:

1. Glowing skin noticeable within 7 days.

2. Hindi ka nahahaggard.

3. Fresh skin and face every morning, pwede ka ng mag-woke up like this selfie.

4. Regularize your poop time as it removes toxins out off our system.

5. Brighter but NOT dull skin after a month of use.

Side Effects:

1. Lagi kang gutom.

2. Frequent comfort room breaks.

3. Slight sleeping disruption.

I really like Relumins Gluta-1000 because aside from the fact that it’s effective to me and has no harmful side effects, it is also affordable at a price range of P900-1,200 for 60 capsules already. It is also halal guaranteed, meaning it is a vegan medicine.

I have tried quite a lot of glutathione capsules such as luxcent, Ishigaki, etc. and I must say that Relumins Gluta-1000 is my favorite budget-wise, effect-wise and quality-wise.

During my three months of using Relumins, I didn’t take vitamin C para mas makita ko talaga yung effect ng Relumins itself and I can say na no need na for vitamin C tablets because this gluta capsules itself is already good.


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