Learning Reinforced Concrete Design in six weeks

I enrolled ‘Reinforced Concrete Design (RCD)’ one of my major subjects, this summer, therefore I have to understand this whole subject within six weeks.

How many stirrups are required? What is the distance of its spacing? How many rebars are required for this beam? Is it singly or doubly reinforced?

RCD, is known to be one of the hardest subject/course to pass for those who takes Civil Engineering program but here I am taking it on a summer — no I didn’t fail, I took it on a summer term to be advanced.

It’s hard.

Our professor, Engr. Arnulfo De Lima is indeed a great professor. As you listen to his lectures, you know he has a deep knowledge of what he’s teaching. He shows where the formulas are from, the concept of the topic, how it’s done and how’s it applied on the field.

We spend six or seven hours a day, five times a week for the lectures of this subject. Few of my friends are also enrolled on the same section, some of my friends chose to take OJT. Angel, Rex and Esh are my classmates I usually go out with this summer and guess what do we do when we go out? We find a cafe or a 24 hours place to study or write our problem sets.

I feel like 95% of my time is consumed by the things I do for RCD. It takes so much time to write problem sets, the topics are complicated so we have to re-study it all to be sure that we really understand the lessons and since it’s summer, having consecutive quizzes and exams aren’t really surprising so we really need to ALWAYS review.

Just last night, Hazel, Esh, Angel, King and I traveled to my house in Cavite to finish our Design Project chapter 1-2 for a five storey building, our problem sets and to study a bit for our quiz today — all are due today. We started around 10PM and finished it all around 4 or 5AM. Jeez.

I wish I could pass this subject this semester so I can take my thesis and Prestressed Concrete Design next semester. It would be hard to take all those three at the same time so please be nice with me, RCD.

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