10 Reasons why I believe President Duterte is for Leni Robredo

I repeat again, I am both pro-Duterte and pro-Robredo. Previously, I wrote a blog post about the five reasons why I believe VP Leni Robredo is for President Duterte (read here) and I believe this blog post is in relate to that. I don’t wanna sound so bias saying it’s only VP Leni who’s all sincere about unity so I made this.

As you can see, I only wrote five (5) reasons why on my last post, that is because VP Leni is a lady and dapat mas reserved (lol!). Now this, I lay to you ten reasons why I believe that President Duterte likes VP Leni Robredo as a co-government official and most importantly, as a person.

1. Maganda talaga siya. Let’s start with the elections period. Leni Robredo ran with the Liberal Party, the party well-known to be the complete opposite of Digong’s side but not because of it’s policies but its known members and people. Digong is tactless, if he doesn’t like you, he’ll say it, he’ll throw shades on you but during the elections he chose to praise the lady in yellow named, Leni Robredo. (WATCH: Duterte wants ‘beautiful’ Leni Robredo as assistant president)

Duterte blushes over Leni Robredo when the media asked him why he wants her to be his assistant president.

I know a lot have seen this video so I wouldn’t fathom further but I would like to mention the time that Digong was throwing shade at Mar Roxas and then he pulled the brakes and said ‘dinamay pa yung matinong babae’ wherein he is referring to Leni Robredo as the matinong babae. To think, Digong and Leni aren’t close friends that time and it was elections, she is from the other side and she isn’t his running mate. He could’ve easily dragged her with Mar Roxas but he chose to exempt her instead.

Now this is the time for you, reader, to think about it.

2. Diamond ring for Leni Robredo. This instance I’m about to mention is when Digong was asked what position will he be giving to Leni Robredo when she started leading the VP race. Let me just point out that he was ranting before this question was thrown at him so I was expecting a negative statement from him but then guess what he said?

“Ano bang magandang singsing?”

(WATCH: Duterte plans to give Leni a ring)

His dimmed mood turned light when he was asked about Leni and it’s just amusing because he shouldn’t be talking that way about her during elections — politics-wise — because he might deliver supporters to her with that instance, eh hindi naman siya ang running mate niya but he didn’t care.

Also, Digong is a ladies’s man who doesn’t really like associating himself with putting so much effort to win a woman’s heart or affection or have someone to marry him but then aside from this ring statement, he also once dared Leni to marry him.

Shocking right?

Sige, dalaga man siya. Pakasalan niya ako.”

(READ: Digong challenges Leni to marry him)

He once challenged though we all know it’s uttered in jest but jokes are half meant and we all know that this man likes that lady in yellow.

How I wish VP Leni rebutted that dare (also in jest) with something like “Sige, nasaan na ang singsing?” To light up the mood ‘di ba?

Si Honeylet nga di niya niyaya magpakasal pero si Leni niyaya niya. Who’s the real winner here? Hahaha! But on a serious note, kapag cinonsider niya yung kasal with a lady, you know he really likes her. Look at ma’am Elizabeth Zimmerman, Digong proudly says that he loves her and he even married her. Kahit kilalang ladies’ man yang si Digong, alam mo talaga kapag seryoso siya sa babae eh.

3. Lady with a Mona Lisa smile. Digong never described Leni the way he describes most women. We all know the typical adjectives he use to praise women like sexy, hot or delicious but hey, he never used those terms to this lady in yellow. There are so many instances that he described Leni Robredo but it has always been respectful. He said she is very beautiful, kind and very ladylike, she is very reserved lady with a Mona Lisa smile, he once said her beauty is something that hypnotizes him that he finds himself just staring at her every time she speaks — it has always been like that. He never described her in a manner that it sounds disrespectful or something that could be misinterpreted.

Digong with his bungisngis lady, Leni Robredo.

If you would think about it, why is she so special? Why is he so careful about her? Why does he talk about her and describe her that way like she’s so special to him? Or maybe she really is?

4. My vice president, my lady. When the president and vice president meets, it’s always a big deal to the media and to everyone because it always thrills us. Just recently, during the PNPA Graduation rites 2018 — this was the third time they attended a graduation that same week, first was PMA, next was PA then the third was the PNPA — and Digong, upon introducing the guests, he suddenly called VP Leni Robredo his lady.


“Vice President Maria Leonor ‘Leni’ Robredo, this is the third time that I have greeted you, my lady,”

— President Duterte to VP Leni Robredo

then he followed it with another statement that triggered the crowd to cheer and squeal for them.

(WATCH: President Duterte calls Vice President Leni Robredo his lady and his vice president.)

“Sana po may graduation pang iba para magkita pa rin tayo, I love to see my Vice President,”

— President Duterte to VP Leni Robredo

At hindi lang my lady, my vice president din. Ang haba ng hair ng mom ko lol! But seriously, why would President Duterte call Leni Robredo his lady? Pag-aari mo ba siya, dad? Pag-aari mo? Ito namang si mom hindi nag-deny, tinanggap naman na lady talaga siya ni dad. Or maybe she [Leni] is really his lady?

I’ll stop right here because baka may mabanggit tayong hindi pwede i-disclose sa public lol! Whatever is going on between them, sila nang bahala doon, support support lang hahaha!

5. Leni Robredo is his tranquilizer. There was a time in Tacloban before that the President was ranting about his frustrations with regards to the delays of Tacloban recovery operations and then he said he just looks at beautiful women when he’s mad and then he turns to VP Leni who was seated at the stage and gazed at her.

But that’s not just the coolest part yet. Bongbong Marcos was there but Digong didn’t care. He explicitly expressed his admiration for Leni Robredo.

Wanna know the best part? The best part here is that Gina Lopez was there, the ravishing Romualdez ladies are there all dressed up, hair fixed and make ups on point while VP Leni just wore her basic long sleeves and slacks, no make up on but among all the gorgeous ladies present at the stage he chose to look at only this one lady, Leni Robredo.

Doesn’t that sound so much like a fairytale? All these gorgeous ladies but the only person I see is you. (Okay. I should chill now.)

6. Assistive man to his lady. Every single event they both attend to, Digong makes sure VP Leni gets the right assistance she deserves as his lady. There was an instance before during the Tacloban event that it was a protocol for Digong to walk ahead the other officials at the venue but guess what he did? He broke the protocol for Leni Robredo. He asked her to walk by his side and light up a candle with him to commemorate the Yolanda tragedy.

I’d detail it out with cabinet secretary Jun Evasco and VP Leni Robredo, herself, telling Digong that he should be walking ahead but Digong insisted, no. He even held VP Leni’s back and asked her to stay beside him.

Another instance is during the cabinet meetings before when VP Leni was still in HUDCC. Presidente si Duterte pero kapag nandiyan si Leni Robredo, siya ang nagiging assistant.

Syempre, I would also like to point out that VP Leni appreciates Digong’s gestures a lot. Reserved lady yan pero kapag kay Digong, kilig kung kilig and admit it, for a man who likes a girl, it means a lot to see them smile, blush and be happy because of you. Bungisngis pa naman itong si VP Leni, kaya naman ang lakas kay Digong eh.

Some people might say Digong doesn’t care about Leni or he doesn’t respect her but man, you know nothing about the special treatment and moments at the cabinet meeting before.

I also have this friend who knows a chef in Malacañang (not dropping names for privacy) who spilled how Digong would request for a special meal for VP Leni. Yes, she is THAT special.

There are so many instances that Digong gentlemanly assisted Leni but I’ll chose my favorite ones and the ones na nahagip sa camera para hindi niyo masabing fake news ako because NO TO FAKE NEWS!!

7. Overprotective man. Just like the typical man of any lady, Digong doesn’t like seeing his vice president wearing short skirts, he doesn’t want other men feasting over his lady’s knees or legs. Ang kay Rodrigo, kay Rodrigo lang lol!

ma’am mag-shorts ka nalang kaya? Bakit maiigsi igsi ka na damit?”

— Digong narratively scolding her in jest during his Tacloban speech

Though this scolding made him appear like a pervert in the eyes of the others, every one should understand that Digong is just being protective of her. It’s a sweet thing actually. No wonder why he got angry when he was about to fly to Thailand and Malaysia and a reporter brought up the issue about him mentioning Leni’s knees.

He was furious about the idea of the mass misinterpreting his protectiveness as perversion.

Lastly, during the time that the impeachment calls against Leni was very loud, tons of negative issues are being thrown at her like she’s the main enemy of the world, who was that one person who opposed his own supporters and asked them to stop dragging Leni down? Who was that person who defended her from those impeachment calls? It’s no other than Rodrigo Duterte.

Pinagtanggol ba nung mga so called “solid dilaw” people seated at the higher office si Leni during that time? I don’t think so. Hands off nga sila. Did they even do something to stop the impeachment calls? No. To think sila sila yung dapat nag nagtutulungan but iniwan nila si Leni sa ere.

It was only Digong who was there stopping them, protecting her from the toxicity of the yelling voices. He was there when she needed him.

8. He trusts her. No matter how many times people tried to drag VP Leni down, called her names and accused her of being someone she’s not, (READ: Criticism against Vice President Leni Robredo) Digong still believes that she is no trapo and she is sincere. He even defended her once during his interview with Jessica Soho that the problem with Leni isn’t her but the fact that she isn’t getting the right cooperation because he is aware that there are people trying to block her from achieving things, performing her mandate and duties and serving well.

I believe this is also his reason why he doesn’t want to give her a cabinet post yet. It’s not because she’s incompetent but because he knows people might use her little flaws as a cabinet secretary of a certain department against her and it’s not only her who’ll take the burden but also the the ones covered by her office and he doesn’t want that.

He already saw how she works and she’s doing well in the OVP and her Angat Buhay program so he probably thinks that giving her a cabinet post isn’t very much ideal yet, anyway, he believes in her and he appreciates what she do to help out.

Aside from that, despite that she comes from the party that is known to be a harsh critic of the president, he still trusts her and exempts her from the doubts. He once told Lynda Jumilla-Aballos during his ANC interview that he doesn’t believe that Leni is being swayed by her party with an explanation that he thinks she is an intelligent woman and abogada yan eh, matalino yan.

Lastly, after all the negative issues, he shared that Leni clarified that she isn’t part of the people who wants him impeached and he swiftly said “I believe you,”


9. Proud president. During the NSC meeting, Digong kept reiterating how beautiful his vice president is who is seated beside him during that event and take note, he said that in front of the former president of the Republic of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos, Noynoy Aquino, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Yes, you read that right, he bragged about his vice president to the former presidents during that NSC meeting. Can you feel how special VP Leni is now? Such special treatment di ba?

Candid photo during the NSC meeting courtesy of Marikina Congressman Miro Quimbo

Some people who attended also highlighted the warm and humorous gestures between our president and vice president which we cannot disclose in public because it’s considered a criminal offense. Hence, the pic shows it all, doesn’t it?

After this event FVR and GMA explicitly expressed their support to these two. I also have this video of GMA talking to Digong and pointing at Leni pushing him to speak to her after the ceremony of AFP change of command. You can message me if you want a clip of it hahaha!

10. Never talked against her person. I’m quite sure a lot are aware of how divided their group of supporters are specially that they come from different sides but these two are just remarkable. Their minds can’t be swayed, they have their own ideas and ways and whether they may appear good or disappointing, they don’t care — they’re just that unpredictable.

There are so many times that the mainstream media tried to pit them against each other, released misleading headlines to infuriate the two with one another but haven’t you noticed that up until today, they’re still fine? They’re still there. They’re not dragging each other down, naming each other names and saying anything against each other’s person. Wanna know why? Because they’ve developed this personal foundation of connection that they are both certain of kaya kahit anong pamumulitika ang pumagitna sakanilang dalawa, kahit anong misleading headlines pa yan, hindi yon sapat para maging magkaaway sila ng mala-Floriendo at Alvarez o Sereno at Calida.

I must also admit that there are a lot of close minded supporters out there who likes Leni but hates Digong or loves Digong but hates Leni but it’s undeniable that President Digong likes VP Leni. Some haters just dismiss it as sarcasm but how sure are you? Hypothesis lang yan. Basta ako I believe Digong is fond of Leni as she is to him.

Don’t refute me unless you have a clear video of Digong saying he loathes Leni Robredo because I’ll be just rebutting with the hundred times that Digong praised and adored Leni in public and if kapag sinipag pa ako, I might also send the not-so-publicized talks and acts of Digong to VP Leni and how mailap she is (okay, I’ll stop here because baka may mga mai-spill pa ako lol.)

I should end this with: the feeling is mutual.

There are a lot more to write but I don’t wanna bore you with such long writing though I might write a part two of this.


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  1. Don’t romanticize people being friendly with each other, it’s just acts of kindness. Put down your phone and take a free ticket to Therapy Land.


  2. After 4 years po, or as of this moment, certain pa dn po ba kayo na ganun pa dn treatmemt nila sa isa’t isa? Huhu. I wanna know🥹


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