5 Reasons why I believe that Leni Robredo is for Duterte

Everyone knows I’m a pro-Duterte and a pro-Robredo at the same time. The ones on the right sometimes tell me they doubt that VP Leni is sincere about her support to President Duterte, the ones on the left sometimes tell me it’s only Duterte who likes VP Leni and it is impossible that VP Leni is fond of him so I decided to create this post.

Here are the five things about VP Leni Robredo that proves that she is sincerely supportive of President Duterte at work and personally fond of him behind the eyes of the mainstream. There might be some insiders here but I’ll spill it because I want you all to believe again that our president and our vice president are all for unity and even if a lot tries so hard to pit them against each other, they still have their own mind and decisions. With that said, they both choose to believe and protect each other.

1.Go to VP Leni’s office and you’ll see her Diggy bear seated beside her own self bear.

Photo from Instagram of women from Mindanao.

Last February 2018, I visited her office and saw Leni bear holding a heart balloon, bigay yata ni Diggy bear. Cutie.

Diggy Bear of VP Leni Robredo

2. VP Leni Robredo blushing when she talked to Duterte over the phone during her radio show interview with Deo Macalma (video link).

Here are some meme GIFs made by some netizens online with regards to this radio show segment for some good vibes. lol!

Deo Macalma said someone wants to speak to VP Leni over the phone.
VP Leni didn’t buy it at first but when she heard the voice over the phone, she slightly panicked.
Hindi talaga siya makapaniwala.
But the impersonator was doing well. He knows how President Duterte speaks to VP Leni and exactly how his humor is with her.
She was blushing the whole time, she really thought it was Digong but it was just his impersonator, Jun Alegre. An impersonator who personally knows SAP Bong Go and President Duterte.

3. VP Leni Robredo proudly told the mainstream media (video link) that she wore a red dress because it was President Duterte’s birthday, March 28, 2017. That same day, she also said, during her interview with Ted Failon on DZMM (video link), that aside from wearing red, her gift to the president is prayers for the betterment of his health and leadership.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.23.55 AM

4. Aside from the fact that VP Leni is very appreciative of art, she also love artworks that includes her and the President.

She really love and appreciate artworks of her and president Duterte. That’s me on the left tho, share lang.
VP Leni in Tondo holding a lead portrait of her and President Duterte

5. VP Leni Robredo reading one of President Duterte’s favorite book about war on drugs titled “Gangster Warlords” by Ioan Grillo after the president himself recommended it to her.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.50.30 AM.png
President Duterte with the “Gangster Warlords” book author, Ioan Grillo in Malacañang.
A photo from VP Leni’s office where you can see the same book.

6. I said I’ll only write five things but I have to put number six up to tell everyone how VP Leni recognized me as her love child with President Duterte. She called me her bunsong only child (with Duterte) when we first met at her office. I’m still blushing over it. That’s the reason why I call VP Leni, mom and I call President Duterte, dad. So yeah hahaha!

There are actually so many more proofs that VP Leni Robredo is fond of President Duterte but I don’t think we are allowed to disclose it in public. I’ve witnessed some with my own two eyes, heard it with my own two ears and I swear to God that it’s too sincere to be labeled as “staged acts.” Believe me when I say that VP Leni is just as fond to President Duterte as he is to her. I’ll just leave you guys with those five above. Let’s keep our heart hopes for our two highest leaders, unity over diversity!


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