SAP Bong Go rather than Senator Bong Go


As a staunch Duterte supporter, the people I follow, my friends and followings fill my timeline with the idea of pushing SAP Bong Go for a senatorial position. What is my stand in this idea? I don’t support it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I support President Duterte and I’ve witnessed how loyal and firm Bong Go is with him. I raise my hands up to Bong Go for that. If the president trusts and believes in him, so do I. But then, why am I not in favor of him being on the senate?

Senators are more of legislative. The commonly known function of the senators is to review the bills passed from the congress and be one of the seated senators to decide whether to have the bills passed as a law. It’s like the congress is the first filter or level and the senate is the second filter/level. The senators should have a wide span of knowledge in laws, regulations, the constitution and so many other aspects. 
I am not underestimating SAP Bong Go, he graduated from De La Salle University with a management degree. I think that foundation of education and knowledge is better for an executive position (like mayors, governors) rather than a legislative position (senators, congressmen). 
Remember when President Duterte once said how he prefers to be a mayor than a congressman? He once had a congress term and he admitted that legislative tasks isn’t really his forte so he went back to being a mayor. I think that applies for Bong Go as well. That’s my reason number one.
Reason number two. The president trusts and believes in Bong Go, he even appointed him as his special assistant, right? This only shows that the president needs him more than the senate does. I’ll just leave it that way. 


Reason number three. Don’t get back at me with “Bakit si Sotto wala namang background sa law pero senator? Bakit si Pacquiao—” my response to that would be “Are they effective? Do you really think they deserve the senatorial seat?” If yes is your answer, I might need to ask you to reevaluate your grounds and basis in life, if no is your answer then it’s settled. Being a senator doesn’t appear to be Bong Go’s forte especially if we’ll look at his educational background and the field he is exposed to (Duterte’s personal aide and assistant). 
Sabi ko nga, kung executive position ang ipupush niyo kay Bong Go, susuportahan ko pa pero kung legislative, pass ako diyan. 
In summary, if you are from the left, you probably agree with me of not being im favor of the idea of SAP Bong Go running for the senate. 
If you are from the pro-admin/Duterte/DDS, you should accept that I am one of you who stands for Duterte and the admin but you should also understand my point. All these are not about our president but the Philippines, our country. President Duterte once said that he doesn’t need our loyalty, he needs us to put our loyalty to the country and the constitution.
If you are a centrist like me who supports the admin but criticizes it when needed or if you are apolitical, I believe we share the same sentiment and view on this. 

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